Attractions - Things to see and do around town

Cave Tours

Guided tours of the 3 caves operate daily. Bookings contact Queensland Parks Centre Chillagoe (07) 4094 7111
Personalized Tours are available, contact Wendy and Colin at Chillagoe Cabins (07) 4094 7206

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Smelter Ruins

When you arrive in town you will instantly notice the tall chimney at the ruins of the old smelter which is iconic to Chillagoe. The ruins are a self guided tour and much fascinating information is revealed on how the pioneers did it in those days. Explore the site from the comfort of your car.

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Swimming Hole

A pleasant way to cool off after a day of exploring. This spot is popular with the local children and visitors all year round. A shady picnic table is provided. Definitley a must after a day of exploring.

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Town Walk

There are a many historic sites around town, an early morning walk will amaze you at just how much history is preserved in Chillagoe.

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